Long Game or Head Game

And for that reason, I’m out.

I will be doing another blog about the last year (likely in only a few vague paragraphs), but this one is specific to letting go of someone whom I had hoped to date.

After chasing after him off and on for almost ten months. After a date last night, I can say that my heart has moved on. I have long suspected that he was dating someone else; nothing else could explain the odd behavior and random texts.

I always assumed I was an afterthought, just based on the way he would text me. Single and lives alone, which I believe he lives alone; but, he would never text back quickly. Random blocks of time where he would just disappear.

In my head, I was always saying that he had a boyfriend, but, I would try to delete that thought — you’re just being insecure. I ignored a lot, because, I thought it was just my own insecurity.

Fast Forward: Reality

4:38pm – Him: Remember, when I told you a few weeks ago that I was going to get tickets for that show?
4:38pm – Me: Um, no?
4:39pm – Him: How long would it take you to get here? [A venue ~7 minutes from my house]
4:39pm – Me: About 7 minutes
4:39pm – Him: Hurry.

I had always wanted to spend time with him, and see how we would mesh outside of a bar. Of course, I say yes and get into the car and drive. As I park and start walking toward the front door:

4:49pm – Him: Hey if you already left fine. If you haven’t they might not let you in we just got into the theater.

It was at that point, it dawned on me, he didn’t care if I was there or not. He did not care that he rousted me out of my house and drove to come see him. He did not care that we were just on different sides of a wall. I was expendable. He had the tickets for this event, but was now seated.

As I was standing at the Box Office, trying to text him and let him know the show was sold out, I couldn’t buy a ticket… I got almost no reply. After standing there letting troves of people pass by me, on the verge of walking away, he finally yelled my name and gave me my ticket to get in.

The End

I won’t even begin to discuss the crossed arms and sitting away from me during the show. You know, textbook, I’m not interested in you body language. I wasn’t even given the common courtesy of a friend.

If you were my friend and I passingly text you a few weeks prior about a show I was taking someone else to. That person bails on me. I text you <30 minutes before the show. I ask you to come. I can promise you, that I would make sure you got in to the event, I would wait on you. Not send you some vague text that says “if you already left fine. If you haven’t they might not let you in”.

It can all be summed up in one word.



Drunken Facebook – Friend Request

I’ve never been able to understand why Facebook will suggest someone that you have no friends in common with. Moreover, the algorithm that makes the recommendations, does so without any rhyme or reason— that I can figure out.

There was a time that I also thought Facebook would suggest people based on your location data. If I stopped at the same Coffee Shop and the same workers were there, week over week, Facebook’s location data would know this. Then eventually those people would show up in my recommendations.

This post is not the beginning of a technical breakdown of how Facebook friend suggestion algorithm works, in fact, I’ve done zero research. But, this is a blog post about how I will get tipsy and click add to all the cute guys.


Perhaps we should start with the beginning. Out of all social media (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) I have always been on LinkedIn and used it the most. If I were asked to rank my usage, until recent, it would have been: Twitter (90%), LinkedIn (9%), and (until recent) Facebook (1%).

The only reason I give such a detailed breakdown, because, I have been clicking add on cute guys for a long time. But, they have always had the professional headshot and recent posts of them bragging about their professional accomplishments.

Treating LinkedIn like Tinder never got me anywhere, with the one exception of a gay who was in a class with me. We were in a four day long (virtual) class where the Roster gave us the ability to include multiple lines of contact to share with the rest of the class.

Since it was a professional work sponsored class, everyone gave out the typical work related social links. LinkedIn. We were all given time toward the end of the class before our exam to “review the roster and connect with your class on LinkedIn”.

“Professional Networking” at it’s finest… aka an instructor who needed more time before he gave us access to the exam and it was just a meaningless task to keep us all occupied like children.

However, there were two cute nerds in the class. We all added each other, as a show of professional respect. I was most interested in the two nerds, one of which I hoped was gay.

Fast Forward a few weeks (from the LinkedIn/Class portion of this rant) and that cute gay nerd and I had been exchanging a ton of messages via LinkedIn. Eventually trading phone numbers. We’re still passive-work-friends to this day.

But one thing we did agree on, is, LinkedIn needs a way to date. He and I both admitted to just clicking “add” for all the cute nerds that were suggested to us on the site.

Facebook Drunken Friend Request… Sent

We all understand that using Facebook when you’re drunk is just a way of life. We all do it, we all have done it, we all will do it again. I’m not talking about the being drunk and posting those insane ultimatums. I’m not talking about being drunk and posting how the world hasn’t given you what you think is due to you.

But what I am talking about is, being drunk on Facebook and seeing all of those hot gay nerds that show up as suggested Friends.

One late Spring/early Summer night I was having a very relaxing evening at home and began browsing the wonders that are Facebook.

One late Spring/early Summer night I was having drinks with friends. When I got home, a bit inebriated, I began scrolling through Facebook. When life gives you a row of cute guys, that mathematically a universe of big-data feels you will be friends. Your drunk self clicks add.

Friend Request Accepted

Being drunk, scrolling Facebook, and making drunken friend requests (based on Science) is one thing. The aftermath of those decisions, is another completely.

I continued to use Facebook (for sober reasons) and began noticing some cute local guy liking my posts. Who is this?

I add more stories, more posts, more pictures. Like. Like. Like.

Liquid Courage Flirty Message Sent

After a long trend of me posting and him giving that post a like, I finally worked up enough courage to send him a message. 😇

Casual flirting was a success… sort of. He was very kind and was always receptive to my flirts, but, I wasn’t really sure if he wanted them or cared. Our conversations were mostly in passing and short lived.

After the get to know you line of questioning had passed, and me still not having an understanding if he was interested, I began to message him less and less.

[Cute Guys]’s Birthday is Tomorrow

Facebook has really saved the world, in the sense that we never have to remember anyone’s birthday. We never have to send real cards. And last minute (day of) birthday messages are acceptable and now even prompted by Facebook. It’s fool proof.

Cute guy’s birthday pops up on my Facebook screen, since I am not one to do the very underrated “Happy Birthday, man” message to his timeline, I shoot him a cute message. This is ok, right, we have been messaging in the past, passively.

“Good Morning, the gay membership committee has just informed me that tomorrow is your birthday? Don’t have too much fun with any pre or post birthday drinks” I message him. A few cute message exchanges happen and the conversation kind of dies.

The next day, I just post “Happy Birthday” on his timeline and go on about my day. I get a message from him, thanking me, and I asked: “So you must have a ton of plans for your birthday, are you excited?”

He tells me that he has none. Hm.. Interesting.

I told him I was shocked, such a cute guy like him, hasn’t gotten a flood of invites to take him out for drinks. Then (sober) I asked what it would take for me to take him out for a birthday drink.

His reply was something simple: “Just ask”. Wow. So simple, yet, so complicated (for me).

Want to do drinks?

Him: “Yes”
Me: “Whoa”
Him: “Where?”
Me: <Top secret romantic restaurant name>
Him: “When?”
Me: “Whenever works for you, I’m free”
Him: “Tomorrow evening?”
Me: 🤞🥹


Pride, Prince, Past

What an interesting turn of events. Events that put the last few chapters in the past.

While I’ve been really fond of the Prince, as of recent, he has turned out to be a liar. Or a flake. Or.. just gay? In short, he and I live less than a mile apart, but we meet as much as if we lived in different states.

Plans will be made for Tuesday, but he will flake, and you would think he needs to change airline tickets, hotel stays, and rental car arrangements, and we couldn’t meet until Thursday.

It wasn’t until yesterday, Pride day, that I realized how insignificant I was to him. I did assume he would be at Pride, but, in true fashion, he texts me in the morning, then ignored me until he was drinking at 8 pm.

Is it wrong of me to write him off because of all of this? Well, I hope the answer is no, because, I have blocked him on Snapchat and his texts. Bye Prince.


The Prince…

In a land long ago (aka the first of the year, since I’ve stopped blogging) a nice guy (me) was on Christian Mingle (Grindr) and began talking with a wonderful Prince.

This story already has you drawn in, doesn’t it?

Like all gay stories in this area. The Prince and I exchanged a lot of messages. Really got to know each other over text. I was really excited about the chance of meeting this guy face to face.

Like all gay stories here, the fun texting fizzled out, and our future marriage was dashed.

Not even the fizzle, could prevent me from randomly drunk texting the Prince.

There was a time or two that I would get a reply, but, it would never spark the consistent text cadence. Which was always discouraging (even if I were drunk).

Let me set the stage. It’s rare you “meet” a guy who seems as innocent as you are. A guy who seems normal. There was always just something about him that I wanted to be around.

Fast forward to this week. I had long accepted that the Prince and I would never meet. In fact, I deleted our old text messages to keep me from drunk texting him out of desperation.

During a regularly scheduled night on the town, I was at the table listening to some extremely fairly horrible music and reading a book.

Yes, I’m that gay who reads his Kindle at the gay bar.

I glanced up and saw this tall stunning guy walk in. So of course my attention had shifted. Those legs need to be touched. At this point, I could not focus on reading, but it does give a good cover to check him out while not seeming like a weirdo.

Wait… he was walking my way.. he was walking right up to our table… what in the hell.

Now able to see him up close, and really look into his eyes, there was something familiar. My “friends” never do the formal introductions and this tall stunning guy just called me by my name and asked how work has been.

Do I know you, I asked.

It was, at last, the Prince. Meeting me in person, well, our paths crossing in real life… had finally happened.


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