Pride, Prince, Past

What an interesting turn of events. Events that put the last few chapters in the past.

While I’ve been really fond of the Prince, as of recent, he has turned out to be a liar. Or a flake. Or.. just gay? In short, he and I live less than a mile apart, but we meet as much as if we lived in different states.

Plans will be made for Tuesday, but he will flake, and you would think he needs to change airline tickets, hotel stays, and rental car arrangements, and we couldn’t meet until Thursday.

It wasn’t until yesterday, Pride day, that I realized how insignificant I was to him. I did assume he would be at Pride, but, in true fashion, he texts me in the morning, then ignored me until he was drinking at 8 pm.

Is it wrong of me to write him off because of all of this? Well, I hope the answer is no, because, I have blocked him on Snapchat and his texts. Bye Prince.