The Prince…

In a land long ago (aka the first of the year, since I’ve stopped blogging) a nice guy (me) was on Christian Mingle (Grindr) and began talking with a wonderful Prince.

This story already has you drawn in, doesn’t it?

Like all gay stories in this area. The Prince and I exchanged a lot of messages. Really got to know each other over text. I was really excited about the chance of meeting this guy face to face.

Like all gay stories here, the fun texting fizzled out, and our future marriage was dashed.

Not even the fizzle, could prevent me from randomly drunk texting the Prince.

There was a time or two that I would get a reply, but, it would never spark the consistent text cadence. Which was always discouraging (even if I were drunk).

Let me set the stage. It’s rare you “meet” a guy who seems as innocent as you are. A guy who seems normal. There was always just something about him that I wanted to be around.

Fast forward to this week. I had long accepted that the Prince and I would never meet. In fact, I deleted our old text messages to keep me from drunk texting him out of desperation.

During a regularly scheduled night on the town, I was at the table listening to some extremely fairly horrible music and reading a book.

Yes, I’m that gay who reads his Kindle at the gay bar.

I glanced up and saw this tall stunning guy walk in. So of course my attention had shifted. Those legs need to be touched. At this point, I could not focus on reading, but it does give a good cover to check him out while not seeming like a weirdo.

Wait… he was walking my way.. he was walking right up to our table… what in the hell.

Now able to see him up close, and really look into his eyes, there was something familiar. My “friends” never do the formal introductions and this tall stunning guy just called me by my name and asked how work has been.

Do I know you, I asked.

It was, at last, the Prince. Meeting me in person, well, our paths crossing in real life… had finally happened.