About Layla

This oddly feels like writing an online dating profile. Good thing I’ve done that about 1,000 times!


As a woman quickly approaching 30 delicately and with so much grace (ok let’s be real, it looks a lot more like a screaming, crying toddler being drug through Walmart by her mom because she can’t have a candy bar) I figured it was time to share my experiences in almost 15 years of dating, relationship and sex. The good, the bad, the ugly and the hilarious.


I feel as if I’ve been in every sort of relationship. I’ve done long distance, in town, serious, casual, friends with benefits, benefits without friendship, friendship that was really a relationship and the all taboo one night stand .


People say “maybe you’re not looking in the right places?” Let me tell you, I’ve met men in all sorts of different ways. I’ve dated online, speed dated, met men in bars, at work, in restaurants and on airplanes. I’ve done the dreaded “oh my god, I know this guy and he’d be PERFECT for you!”


Yet, here I am. Very single. Now, don’t for one second think I’m one of those girls who feels incomplete without a man. I love my life. I have a great job, I’m financial independent and I have amazing friends and family. I’ve worked hard to for this life. Yet, I’m still searching. I still desire someone to share it all with. I mean, where is my rom-com ending?

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