To Google Or Not To Google 

Online dating is annoying. Tinder, POF, Match and Plenty of Fish, I’ve had profiles on all of them. I’ve been on countless dates from all of them. Some good, some really really bad. It’s all taught me many lessons, but one of the biggest is to do my research. 

I can research a man better than the FBI. Sometimes I think I’m better than Nev & Max on MTV’s Catfish. Not to brag but I’m pretty awesome at finding out information. Now, before you label me a creeper or stalker and crazy you need to understand why I do some digging before agreeing to go out with someone new. 

One hundred years ago when I first started online dating I started talking with a dude I really liked. I couldn’t believe my luck after going so long without dating. I was beyond naive. We texted for hours before our first date. I was so excited to like someone new. I mentioned my new crush to my buddy who happened to be a cop. He insisted that I do some googling before meeting him. Low and behold my new connection had pending domestic violence charges. Like some really scary stuff. He and I had an uncomfortable convo and he understood why we couldn’t go out. Lesson learned. 

Since then I always do some research first. I will always try and get a phone number from the guy once I know I want to chat with him. I mean, I’d rather text than message on Tinder. But, you can also search for someone on FB using their phone number. Social media always yields tons of info, even if their profile is private. 

Once a guy I had dated and broken up with came back into my life. We were talking about making it work when he told me he was going on a family vacation to Mexico. I felt suspicious and after a little Facebook digging I found that his ex was also on this little vaca. Bye Felicia! 

Recently before a first date I found out the guy was still engaged. His profile pic was one with his fiancé showing off her ring. I wish I was kidding you, but I’m not. 

Online dating can be risky. Let’s face it, you’re meeting a stranger. People can pretend to be whoever they want online. I’ve learned to trust my gut and sometimes knowing a little bit more about someone helps. You just have got to be smart. I think it goes without saying but, make sure you’re only meeting someone new in a public place and let a girlfriend know what you plans are. And doing a little googling never hurt anyone! 


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