Ring Selfies and Love Songs

We have officially survived Christmas! It seems like half my Facebook friends got engaged, I mean like friends that I didn’t even know were in relationships are posting gobs of ring selfies. The other half posted glossy ultrasound photos of new babies expected in the new year. I have never felt more single in my whole life. I texted Piper and asked her if we were the only girls to NOT get engaged?! Apparently Christmas is the most popular day to pop the question. Maybe I’m cynical, but I think it’s a bit of a cliche. I hope if there is ever a 2 carat, round cut diamond in my future that it pops up on a random Tuesday. But, that’s just me.

So, late on Christmas night I made a run to the gas station. I had run out of wine and ice cream, you know, the essentials. What do I find? Valentine’s Day gifts and decor. Yes. Seriously. I’m sure my eye roll was audible for miles. We haven’t even gotten past all the kissy New Years Eve posts on FB yet. I’m not ready. I can only survive one relationship focused holiday at a time.

Driving home I stopped at a drive thru for French fries, another essential. Waiting at the window there was over head Christmas music playing. But not just any Christmas music… 98 Degree’s “The Gift”.

If you don’t remember the song, find it on YouTube. It’s for sure a classic.

Can single girls catch a break?!

Some times it feels like the world is plotting against me and everything is screaming “something is wrong with you!” But, I can’t listen to that noise. I have to keep plowing through, enjoying my life. But damn, sometimes it feel like it’s all being rubbed in my face. So, I dealt with it with a pity party for one. But here’s the key, the next day I put on my big girl panties and continued on with my life.


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