It Only Gets Better

I was recently hanging out with some younger friends when I was asked if I’d like to go back to being 22. My instant gut reaction was “hell no!” Don’t get me wrong, there were for sure things I loved about my early 20s, like a faster metabolism, but I’m really loving my 30s. The more I thought about the question, the list of reasons just kept growing;

Finances: I am by no means living high on the hog, but there definitely is a better sense of security. The days of holding my breath when my debit card is swiped at Taco Bell are long gone. Having a savings account, the ability to take nice vacations and pay all my bills each month is pretty awesome.

Sex: It only gets better. I’m sure confidence, practice and my willingness to ask for what I need play a huge roll. Those early years were clumsy to say the least. Mediocre sex just isn’t an acceptable practice any longer. I’m willing to put in the effort to have great sex and I expect the same effort in return.

Friendship: Gone are the days of huge frat parties and loads of mediocre friends. I always say “I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies”, quality over quantity is priority now. Keeping my circle tight reduces toxicity and drama and allows me to invest in people who truly add value and warmth to my life.

Opinions are like assholes: When I was younger I used to worry about who liked me and who didn’t. I’d always think people were talking about me when I wasn’t around, and I’m sure they did. Nowadays I don’t worry so much. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally okay. I’m not going to lose sleep wondering if some coworker thinks I’m a slut or if my boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend’s mom thinks I’m a nice girl.

Family: As I’ve aged the relationship with my family has developed a new depth. A new kind of love and respect for each other. I’ve learned that most friendships last for a season of life but that my family truly is my “ride or die”.

Self love: I truly love myself. I don’t just like myself or tolerate myself, but I love myself. I enjoy my own company. The longest relationship I’ll ever have is with myself, and I need to make it a priority. It’s not that I don’t have flaws, it’s just that I’m done beating myself about them. I refuse to stand in the mirror and belittle myself because I have stretch marks and curly hair and don’t fit society’s mold for “beautiful”. I won’t apologize for not owning a home, having a husband or because I haven’t had children. I think I’m pretty rad, I think the life I’ve built is pretty rad. I accept and love myself, where I am, in this moment.

So, to my friends in their 20s, you enjoy those crazy night, ramen noodles and wrinkle free skin… but here’s a little secret, being 30 is pretty damn fabulous!


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