Charity Sex

So, I like to think of myself as a charitable and giving person. I donate my old clothes to local homeless shelters, every year I donate money to a few select organizations and I’ve even spent several months doing aid work in a developing nation. I am a giving girl, it’s in my nature. Let the sexual innuendos fly!
On a recent trip I made a different sort of donation, one I think should definitely be deductable from my taxes. I had sex with a guy who was well below my standard. Now, I don’t think I’m a “10” but I would say I’m like a “7.65”. 

I do think that most of us “stay in our lane” as far as dating and sex goes. I’m not out there trying to bang Channing Tatum, he’s way above my pay grade. If you’ve ever dated on line you know what it feels like when a 500lb Jabba The Hut sends you a messages. I mean, I appreciate the bravery it takes to send that message but it always leaves me scratching my head. Don’t we all stay in your lane? 

But, on this occasion it just happened. We had been out before, there were a few cocktails and he made me laugh. Plus this girl has needs, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I was definitely the one who initiated the physicality, I take responsibility. Trust me when I say he was just as surprised as I was when I asked him back to my room. 

In response he showed his appreciation for my charity. Twice. Believe me when I tell you that ugly guys are willing to put in more work, I mean maybe he knew he had ground to cover. And, for the record, if Channing ever decides to swerve out of his lane, I’ll gladly accept the charity! 


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  1. So, not for nothin’ but sometimes us ‘ugly guys’ going out of our lanes lands us in a pretty amazing situation. Myself, it landed a beautiful wife (of ten years now) and 2 beautiful little girls. Believe me….’staying in my lane’ wasn’t doing me any favors. :0)

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